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You Can Hire a REAL Tree Service, or You Can Hire the Other Guys! Call for a Free Estimate!
You Can Hire a REAL Tree Service, or You Can Hire the Other Guys! Call for a Free Estimate!

Tree Services in Palm Bay, FL

Also Serving Melbourne and the Surrounding Areas

Removing Trees With Safety in Mind

Trees can be dangerous. Even when they’re of a smaller variety, they can be complicated, unwieldy and unpredictable. Experienced lumbermen still need to be careful when handling trees that need to come down. Failure to take proper precautions can lead to dangerous outcomes.
Fortunately, A Advanced Tree Service Of Brevard has the experience and resources to remove your trees safely and quickly. We offer a complete line of trees services and make use of everything to ensure that tree removals happen without incident.
Example of our tree services in Melbourne, FL

Leave the Complicated Jobs to the Professionals

For more than 31 years, we’ve handled thousands of different tree removal jobs around Palm Bay, FL, and surrounding areas. We’ve dealt with everything from minor tree jobs to felling dangerous and old trees that could have caused serious damage.
Whatever your job looks like, we can handle it with care and precision.

Potential Safety Hazards

You might be tempted to try to chop down your tree on your own, especially if it’s a smaller one. But have you considered the risks?
Even a smaller tree could easily weigh hundreds of pounds. A miscalculated chopping could result in a heavy log collapsing on you, on your fence and maybe even your home. Such an accident could result in thousands of dollars in damages and repairs. That’s well beyond the minimal expenses required to hire professionals.
Consider also the electrocution risks. Trees often end up growing near electrical and telephone wires. When you bring them down without taking proper measures, those live wires will come down too. They can spark fires and cause accidental electrical death.

Get Your Trees Assessed First

Each tree on your property is either an asset or a liability. If a professional tree risk assessment finds something wrong with a tree on your property, you’ll want it removed. Leaving it standing is asking for trouble. It could collapse without warning, causing injury or damage. 
As with anything involving trees, make sure that the expert inspecting and removing your tree is qualified by checking references and looking up reviews. You don’t want to leave this to chance.

Get Our Assistance Today

Trees are far more than just property ornamentation. They can just as easily be threatening and damaging to your belongings and your life.
Contact A Advanced Tree Service Of Brevard today to receive the consultation and service you need for safe tree removal.