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You Can Hire a REAL Tree Service, or You Can Hire the Other Guys! Call for a Free Estimate!

Four Colorful Trees That Grow Well in Florida


Green trees add beauty to any landscape, but too much greenery in the absence of other colors can look overwhelming. Consider adding a splash of vibrancy to your landscape with colorful trees. Here are four colorful trees that grow well in Florida without the need for excessive maintenance.

1. Bulnesia

Bulnesia trees are on the small side. If you have yours trimmed regularly, you can keep it below 10 feet in height, though it will grow to about 20 feet if left alone. Bulnesia grow quickly, making them a good choice when you want to add beauty to your landscape immediately. As they grow, their branches form a sort-of canopy, casting shade on the area below. Proper pruning can make this shape more pronounced.

The hallmark feature of Bulnesia trees is their bright yellow flowers. The flowers have five petals and will remind you of wagon wheels, spanning about three inches across. Bulnesia trees may flower up to four times between spring and fall, so your yard will almost always have a pop of color.

2. Poinciana

Poinciana are another fast-growing option; they can add up to five feet in height in a single year. With long, slender leaves, these evergreen trees stay green and lush year-round. Each spring, they become covered in a bounty of fire-red blooms. For this reason, Poinciana trees are sometimes called flame trees,

Poincianas are very drought-tolerant and rarely require watering, especially once established. Since they mature at about 40 feet tall, they're a good choice for larger, more open backyards. If you do plant a poinciana tree, have it pruned early and often when it is young. This will ensure its branches grow strong and hardy, and that the tree forms many flowers. 

3. Cassia 

Another smaller tree variety, Cassias, grow well in garden beds and along fences. The smallest varieties only reach about 10 feet tall and do not require a lot of pruning, even when young, thanks to their naturally straight and upright structure. People often plant them in a row along a fence line or in clusters of three in a garden bed.

Cassias are sometimes called scrambled egg trees or golden shower trees because of the cascade of yellow flowers they develop in the spring. They grow quickly in warm climates like that of Florida. Cassia trees do require a sunny space, and you should stake them when young to prevent wind damage. Fertilize the tree with an all-purpose fertilizer three times per year to enhance blooming. 

4. Jacaranda

If you're searching for a larger, colorful tree to really fill out your backyard, consider planting a Jacaranda. These brilliant trees thrive in Florida as they cannot tolerate temperatures below 15 degrees F, even for a short period of time. Every spring, they become covered in lavender blossoms, which hang from the limbs and sway in the breeze. Jacaranda trees also have a pretty, yellow color in the fall, so they offer year-round beauty.

Jacarandas can be up to 50 feet tall when mature, so plan accordingly before planting. They require full sunlight, but they are not at all picky about soil quality and will tolerate sandy, dry, and rocky soil — or anything in between. Have your tree pruned every spring to encourage bountiful flowering and prevent disease. If you notice aphids on the tree, spray the tree with insecticide soaps to remove them.

With the trees above, you can add vibrant color to any Florida landscape. Regardless of what tree you choose, provide it with the proper care so that it keeps flowering year after year. Contact A Advanced Tree Service of Brevard today to schedule a pruning appointment. We offer special discounts for seniors and military members.