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You Can Hire a REAL Tree Service, or You Can Hire the Other Guys! Call for a Free Estimate!
You Can Hire a REAL Tree Service, or You Can Hire the Other Guys! Call for a Free Estimate!

4 Ways To Manage Your Florida Citrus Trees

Citrus Tree
Citrus trees thrive in the Central Florida landscape without major efforts on the part of gardeners. Even though most citrus trees are happy in the subtropical regions of the state, property owners can do much to help young citrus trees become established. Proper citrus tree care helps maintain the health of older trees, too. Here's what you should know.

Know Your Citrus Trees

 There are many varieties of citrus plants that grow in the Brevard County and Central Florida region. If you've moved into a new home, you may need help identifying your citrus trees.
Some of the types of citrus grown in Florida landscapes include:
  • Oranges
  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Tangelos
  • Tangerines
  • Kumquats
  • Grapefruits
Generally, the smaller the fruit, the more often the tree flowers. Larger grapefruit and oranges may take over a year to mature. Your tree service experts identify trees for homeowners and will help you learn what type of citrus you have on a new property.

Avoid Using Too Much Fertilizer

A young tree needs food to grow its sturdy limbs and feed the development of its leaves. Experts recommend that you hire a service to feed the youngest trees throughout the growing season. Techs apply light amount of fertilizer in a three-foot diameter around the tree every four to six weeks.

When your tree is well-established—generally around three years of age— cut back to feeding the tree only four or five times per year. Use citrus-specific fertilizer. Remember: if you over-fertilize any kind of fruit tree with the wrong type of fertilizer, you'll get really large, bushy trees with no fruit.

When citrus trees are fully grown, the roots extend well past the canopy of the leaves overhead. Mature, fully grown trees only need fertilizing in the early spring, summer and late summer.

If you have a landscaping service that fertilizes your lawn where citrus trees are nearby, the tree roots feed off of the same fertilizer. Ask your tree and landscape service to provide fertilizer solutions to give your lawn and your citrus trees the correct type of food for their individual stages of growth.

Fertilize at the Right Time

Have the tree service begin fertilizing citrus trees in February when most deciduous trees begin a new season of growth. If you don't feed trees early in the spring, you may not have as many blossoms or as much fruit form on your citrus trees. 

Some types of limes bloom up to four times a year, so it's important to know the timing of blooms on your trees to meet the nutritional needs. Your tree service experts can help you identify and learn about the culture of your individual citrus specimens.

Have the pros continue to apply fertilizer to your citrus trees' roots until October when they are actively growing fruits. As fruits get closer to ripening in mid to late autumn, a fertilizer with two percent or more of magnesium is useful. 

Citrus trees should not be fertilized between October and February. If trees are fed during this time, they may send out new, tender growth that is susceptible to freezing and diseases in the colder winter season.

Hire Your Tree Service to Prune Properly

The proper pruning technique for a citrus tree depends on the type of tree is is. Some trees are massive and want lots of sunlight including the towering standard tangelo. Other citrus trees are tiny and thorny, like the Key lime that grows as tall as 16 feet.

When suckers do come up from the bases or branches of your citrus trees, have your tree service cut them off. This keeps the citrus tree focused on producing flowers and fruit. 

Your tree service will avoid pruning your citrus trees before the dormant season. This keeps young, tender growth from being damaged by cold, wind and other severe weather.

Contact the professionals at A Advanced Tree Service of Brevard to help you manage your citrus trees and all of your tree maintenance tasks from stump-grinding to emergency property clearing.