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You Can Hire a REAL Tree Service, or You Can Hire the Other Guys! Call for a Free Estimate!
You Can Hire a REAL Tree Service, or You Can Hire the Other Guys! Call for a Free Estimate!

4 Reasons to Get Your Tree Stumps Professionally Removed

Tree Stump
If you've recently had trees cut down in your yard, or you just moved into a new home, and the former owners left tree stumps behind, you may be wondering what to do with them. If you're the creative type, you might be tempted to paint them or turn them into a plant stand. A better option, however, would be to get rid of them altogether.
Here are four reasons to get your stumps professionally removed.
1. Tree Stumps Take Up Valuable Space
If you are like most home and property owners, you want your yard to have lots of free and clear space. This is especially true if you have pets or children and you want them to have plenty of space in which to run around and get some fresh air. Besides taking up yard space, tree stumps have also been known to take up precious garden space.
If the tree stumps in your yard are taking up valuable space and are preventing you from planting new trees or plants, more vegetables in your garden, or setting up a swimming pool, trampoline, or other gear, it's time to call the professionals to have them removed.
2. Tree Stumps Attract Termites
Because Florida is a state that has an abundance of warm and humid weather, it is a magnet for certain types of pests and insects, including termites. In order to protect your home, you should do everything you can to prevent termite infestations, and one way to do this is by getting rid of tree stumps in your yard.
Four groups of termites can be found in Florida including:
  • Subterranean
  • Dampwood
  • Drywood
  • Conehead
While termites often take up residence in logs and tree stumps, a swarm of termites might eventually find their way to your house. It's important to note that if you do have an infestation of termites in your tree stump, removing it might not solve your problem. This is why it's always a good idea to promptly remove stumps so that termites don't start living there in the first place.
3. Tree Stumps Increase the Chances of Injury
If you have children who like to run around and play in your yard, a tree stump that is camouflaged by plants or weeds could increase the chances of an injury. A tree stump could cause a child, or anyone else for that matter, to trip or fall.
Not only that but if a neighbor or other visitor were to get injured by stumbling over a tree stump, you as the property owner would be held liable. As a property owner, you are responsible for making your home and yard a safe place. If you want to avoid a personal injury lawsuit, it's a good idea to remove hazardous tree stumps.
Besides potentially injuring a person, tree stumps can also cause damage to certain types of equipment. For example, if you mow your hard and happen to run into a tree stump, it could easily damage your lawn mower.
4. Tree Stumps Are an Eyesore and Can Decrease Curb Appeal
Most people do not find tree stumps visually appealing. If you want to make your yard look beautiful, one way to increase the view of your yard is to get rid of those ugly tree stumps.
By doing this, you can add curb appeal to your home, which is something many home buyers look for when searching for a new place to live. In fact, according to a survey done by the National Association of Realtors, 71% of home buyers consider curb appeal very important.
No matter what your reason for wanting to remove tree stumps in your yard, our stump removal professionals at A Advanced Tree Service Of Brevard can help.